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Drop Box Alternative

Dropbox is being hacked by the NSA. How is that possible? The information you post on the Dropbox servers is not really encrypted. They could change that but so far they didn’t.

I just cancelled my subscription and told the I’d go back as soon as the keep my information safe.

Meanwhile I subsribed to Wuala (by the hard disk manufacturer LaCie). They offer the same service, but from Swizzerland and… ENCRYPTED!
They don’t even know your password (so if you loose it you loose your files). And here is the link to their download page:

Alternative email providers

Google and Apple read your emails, the NSA spies on all major email providers (Mainly because they are not encrypted by the providers)

So here is an alternative:

This is a small german email provider, they encrypt all mails, only use green energy, have no advertizing and don’t collect your data (they don’t even know your password). It costs 1 Euro per month (I don’t want everything for free) and if you send them a letter with 20 € and a special code they can not even know who you are.

And the very respectable Zeit Magazin says it is the best of all german providers: