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Orange (France Telecom) captures French Phonecalls and shares with French and British Secret Services

L’une des forces de la DGSE résiderait dans le fait qu’elle ne se contente pas des autorisations accordées par le législateur pour accéder aux données des clients de France Télécom-Orange. Elle dispose surtout, à l’insu de tout contrôle, d’un accès libre et total à ses réseaux et aux flux de données qui y transitent….

Lire l’article ici:

How to protect ourselves – Great 1 hour live interview with Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden gave a fantastic and important 1 hour interview to live at the sxws convention. It tells you how you can make it difficult and expensive to the NSA to steal our data. It won’t he impossible, but complicated. The more people who follow his suggestion the harder it will be to spy on us. Here is the transcript and video:

sxws full transcript and video


Here is a part of one of his answers, why the NSA is wasting energy to spy on everyone rather than on suspects:

As I said in our European Parliament testimony, we’ve actually have tremendous intelligence failures because we’re monitoring the internet; we’re monitoring, you know, everybody’s communications instead of suspects’ communications. That lack of focus have caused us to miss news we should have had. Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the Boston Bombers. the Russians have warned us about it. But we didn’t a very poor job investigating, we didn’t have the resources, and we had people working on other things. If we followed the traditional model, we might have caught that. Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab the underwear bomber, same thing. His father walked into a US Embassy, he went to CIA officer and said my son is dangerous. Don’t let him go to your country. Get him help. We didn’t follow up, we didn’t actually investigate this guy. We didn’t get a dedicated team to figure what was going on because we spent all of this money, we spent all of this time hacking into Google and Facebook to look at their data center. What did we get out of that? We got nothing. And there are two White House investigations that confirm that.

If you knew what I know about email, you might not use it… Ladar Levison

Lavabit, a private email service used by whistleblower Edward Snowden, has been in court appealing against a government order to hand over its encryption keys. Commentators say the case could represent a landmark for internet privacy.

Excerpt of the BBC  Interview:

Ladar Levison: I think there may come a day when the United States is no longer associated with the word freedom in people’s minds. The sad thing is that I think that I am too much of an American to abandon my country when that happens.

Read his statement here:

And help his Legal fund here:


NSA caused Copenhagen Climate summit 2009 failure

Knowing that in the worst case the Danish negotiators would make big concessions to the USA, Obama and the American delegation just laid back without making any concessions. Through secret documents gathered by the NSA and probably GCHQ they already knew how far the other delegations would go to avoid a failure of the conference.

Alternative email providers

Google and Apple read your emails, the NSA spies on all major email providers (Mainly because they are not encrypted by the providers)

So here is an alternative:

This is a small german email provider, they encrypt all mails, only use green energy, have no advertizing and don’t collect your data (they don’t even know your password). It costs 1 Euro per month (I don’t want everything for free) and if you send them a letter with 20 € and a special code they can not even know who you are.

And the very respectable Zeit Magazin says it is the best of all german providers: